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Venue Design Consultation

Wise management of the design process in the building or remodeling of an event venue compels a professional EVENT-PLANNING examination of the planned architecture and infrastructure of a venue prior to construction (and as early in the design process as possible) to enable the planned facility to cost effectively serve the many uses for which it may be used in the future. It is strongly advised that this review be undertaken without the sales prejudice that necessaily influences prospective building vendors.

THE IVY COMPANY produces a broad spectrum of events in a wide range of venues from outdoor stadiums to indoor arenas, ballrooms to cathedrals to convention centers across the United States and throughout the world. This gives IVY COMPANY consultants a unique skill set to address this important phase of venue design and pre-construction planning.

Recommendations that emerge from an IVY DESIGN CONSULTATION can be significant or, as is often the case, include simple adjustments that have long term implications for the effective use of the facility.

For a theme park being planned in Israel, a complete master plan was developed, detailing the entire visitor experience. The blueprints for the new Cathedral in Los Angeles called for a bank of entrance doors that resulted in a center post in the entrance. By proposing a simple adjustment in the door configuration, generations of brides will have an unobstructed center aisle entrance to the church. A post-construction retrofit to correct this oversight would have likely proven too expensive once the building was completed.

To learn more about how an IVY DESIGN CONSULTATION can be one of the most cost-effective expenditures in your design/build process,

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