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HELP! If you were a cast member or performer or worked on a production produced or directed by Tom Ivy or The Ivy Company, and you are not on this list, please send us an email so we can add your name... Thanks!

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STAFF & CREW - Part Three

This is but a representation of the many gifted professional craftsmen of the performing arts and sciences who have made creative contributions to the productions directed by Tom Ivy through the THE IVY COMPANY and in other creative associations. As individuals from past productions are identified they will be ba added to this list.

To everyone whose participation made these productions possible and successful, 'Thank You'!



Alan Chapman

Steve Lentz

Michael Gwartney

David Beden

Paul Munchi

Grant McKay

Ronen Sagih

Michelle Abel

Ran Bogin

Kais Bakri

Ilan Appel

Al Kuhnle

Ken Overstreet

Mel White

Jim Green

Bob Bradbury

Art Buckholz

Sandy Becker

Pamela Gott

Simon Nash

Hiromi Hidaka

Satomi Morikawa

Shigeru Oinuma

Sanjay Seth

Jane Gunther

Elisa Schindler

Jason Schonfelder

Duke Westover



Ukon Nishikawa

Kazumasa Nishikawa

Masako Nishikawa

Paul Eshleman

Russell Prince

Dudi Shiloach

Efraim Warshaw


Nir Cohen

Asaf Ben-Ami

Michael Shannon

Chris Butler

Christy Weir

Bill Denzel

Joe Canini

Jeffifer Clark

James Mierkey

Dan Robinson

Jahnea Cannedy

John Fehlen

Tammy MacDonald

Wade C. Bobbitt

Clark Grey

Aaron Britton

Jerry Johnson

Bob Barwegain

Tim Frakes

Chuck Aycock

Jon Adrian

Brad Doerschuk

Phil Harder

Randy Sawatzky

Burt Stoesz

Kerry Suderman

Jan Souza

Fred Rasmussen

Irene Lewis

Joan Thurkettle

Sue McCully


Virginia Martindale

Vonnie Jandrain

Jim Whitmere

Russ Busby

Andrew Mitchell

Lowell Sheppard

Kande Sheppard

Kazunori Endo

Mappe Matsudaira

Mark Joseph

George Gallup, Jr.

David Lewis

Atsuko Fugimoto

Susumu Matsumoto

Don Boyer

Toni Stevens

Chan Prosser

Hal Penrose

Charles Rigby

Claudia Gerwin

Terry Prisk

Clayton Baumann

Tom Essenberg

Chuck Wagoner

Dave McCallister

Joe Carison



Shoshana Segal


Walter Bennett

Cliff Barrows

Fred Dienert

Ted Dienert

Jack Hibbard

William F. Brown

Frank Jacobsen

Rami Ganor

Rami Damri

William McKay

Peter Thompson

Ed Mitchell

Jane Greig

Gregg Johnson

Gary MacDonald

G. Michael Graham

Ken Engstrom

Leslie Keeney

Bruce Page

Rolly Richert

Byron Emmert

Dan Marlow

Maj. Terry Griffitn

Russell Prince

Barbara Ness

Farlan Myers

David Moore

Lee Shultz


Ruth Smith

Frank Pickell

Eric Johnson

Richard C. Baker

James R. Corston

Jack MacAlister

Arvella Schuller

Lynn Doerschuk

Michael Veerkamp

Dan Johnson


Ken Lormand

Bill Gruber

Helen Ridgewell

Paul Hetrick

There are many names to be added to this list. If yours or that of someone you know is one of them, please let us know. Thank You!

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