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HELP! If you were a cast member or performer or worked on a production produced or directed by Tom Ivy or The Ivy Company, and you are not on this list, please send us an email so we can add your name... Thanks!

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DAN DUNKELBERGER ...The university professor who nurtured my love of film and recommended me for my first directing job...

LINEA MUSSER ...The secretary who told a Hollywood ad agency executive he should meet her boss and give him a job. He DID and gave me my next directing job.

ERIC JOHNSON ...The ad agency executive who my secretary spoke to and who DID take a chance on a 23 year old novice director for an important television account, giving me my first national television series directing assignment.

WALTER F. BENNETT ...The owner of that ad agency, who promoted me to direct the worldwide television programs of Dr. Billy Graham, despite counsel from others to choose a more network-experienced candidate. It became a seven year global assignment!

CLIFF BARROWS and DR. BILLY GRAHAM ...Who embraced me into their circle of professional and personal friendship without regard for my youthful shortcomings or inexperience. I learned much about life from their example and I treasure their friendship to this day.

RUTH SMIITH ...The production executive who took a chance with her own career when I started my own production company. She joined me to run my company for almost a decade as Director of Operations and remains a life long dear friend.

For each of us there are certain individuals who profoundly touch us at key crossroads in our life journey, personally, professionally, or both. The professional achievements of Ivy Company founder Tom Ivy are the direct result of certain individuals who ‘took a chance’ on a young man when to do so was to risk their own credibility should that confidence have been misplaced. They deserve to be recognized…...

There have been others over the years, who from their point of view have 'taken a chance' on Tom Ivy, and they ALL deserve to be thanked. But their initial confidence was generously bolstered by past credits and endorsements. The individuals named here had little on which to base their trust. They saw a young man, intuitively judged his character, took stock of his potential, then dared to risk their own comfort zone to support and encourage him before others. Everything I have achieved is indebted to them. So, the next opportunity YOU have to 'take a chance' on someone, young or old, dare to do so. You can make a difference in someone's life that will forever alter their course. Only eternity will reveal what you will make possible.

Tom Ivy

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